Obstacles to meditating practice

Doubt, restlessness, worries, daydreaming, apathy, and laziness are often obstacles to meditating. Sometimes you can be meditating, and these obstacles will appear. The best thing is to reconnect with your breathing and become aware that the obstacle is precisely your being trying to prevent you from being in contact with the present moment and with your difficult thoughts, sensations, and emotions.

Receive these obstacles with compassion, without judgment, and just realize that they are there.

After several days, try to observe what are the obstacles that commonly arise in your meditation practice, what do these obstacles say about you? What antidotes could you use for these obstacles? For example, if you tend to get sleepy then try meditating while walking, if you tend to be restless when meditating you can try meditating with sounds as an anchor, if you start to doubt maybe you could constantly connect with your breathing and choose it as an anchor.

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