We want to share with you how the Mindful Balance Journal was inspired:

Mindfulness has been a personal tool to heal and stop surviving mode, to enjoy each moment as it comes. Breathing and being aware of what happens to me at every moment helps me be more aware of myself, of how my body reacts, of what I say to myself, of what I feel deeply in my heart. When I become aware I can respond differently, and I take responsibility. It doesn’t mean that I’m perfect, it just means that I see myself.

The intention of this Mindful Balance Journal was born from my desire to share what years ago consciously transformed my life. I have always liked art (painting, sculpture, architecture, music, photography, etc.) and one day I realized that I liked it because it allows me to contemplate the moment in which I am seeing the work, enjoy it, savoring it but also imagining the past of that moment: who is the author and what did they feel when making that work? What did they dream and imagine for their future? What were the thoughts, and emotions they felt? What was happening in their life? The life of a being who wonderfully captured in a work, in a moment, the accumulation of their feelings. For me that is magic, capturing the past and the future in a present that remains.

How can we make every moment of our lives become a moment of contemplation and detachment at the same time? Being aware, being present, in pain, in loneliness, in love and in happiness, in every moment. When something is uncomfortable, it is more predominant to be present, when the emotion stings the skin, and even more so when we are happy or feel loved, being present helps us joyfully enjoy each experience. You can’t live if you’re in survival mode (Dr. Joe Dispenza).

The path of Mindfulness begins with a formal practice, intentionally and deliberately seeking a space to be with yourself, to breathe and connect with your breath, touching the ground firmly and being aware of what you feel in the body, what your mind speaks and the emotions that emerge. And Mindfulness also expands to transform your life when you incorporate it into your daily life, into the trivial activities that automatically flow into your day, from when you take a bath to when you eat breakfast or when you tie your shoes.


I invite you to capture the magic of your life in this Mindful Balance Journal. I invite you to intentionally stop, to breathe and to feel how life flows within your being, to observe the present without judging it as good or bad and continue with more awareness of who you are. With all my passion, ZC.
What is Mindfulness?
  • Mindfulness is pure consciousness.
  • Meditation practices connect you with what is happening in the present moment.
  • Being present detaches you from past events and allows you to stop reviving the pain if there existed.
  • Mindfulness allows concentration and relaxation to appear purifying and transforming our daily life.
  • Practicing Mindfulness brings you to a deep concentration state.
  • Mindfulness invites you to recognize and accept your negative emotions with a compassionate approach to take care of them.
  • Meditating helps you in the process of introspection, and in the long term into healing and relieving.
  • Mindfulness can help you to improve your life, it requires patience and consistency for long term results.


Now is your turn to share your story with us, here are some of the comments from our Mindful Balance Community.
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